We are providing manpower for national tv-stations, foreign productions companies and international agencies in the field of videoproduction. Get in touch with us if you need support at your stay in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia or Germany.

camera- operator
without equipment

book an operator for your production.

  • mapower for up to 8.5 hours in vienna.

380,- *

up to 8.5h

290,- for max. 3h

production equipment
camera, lights & audio

camerasetup for interviews, press conference, ceo-, b2b- & b2c-shootings.

  • sony fs7 m1 or blackmagic pocket cinema 6K
  • standardlenskit
  • tripod
  • memory cards
  • reporter light kit
  • 1x wireless lapel mic

225,- *

ask for other options**

incl. operator

get your scripts presented more professional. a promoter will improve your presentation.

  • operator for up to 8.5 hours
  • 15″ teleprompter
  • laptop, cables & software
  • full setup, operation & delivery

430,- *

380,- up to 3h

encoder only

we’ll provide a liveUsolo+ internet bonding device for facebook, twitch, youtube or private stream.

  • liveUsolo+ bonding/encoder device
  • 3x lte-contractfor austria
  • HDMI/SDI Input
  • 720p/ 1080p
  • tutorial included
  • operator not included


up to 5h in use

Looking for operated livestreaming? click here!

please let us now if you need your content edited!

*) tax excluded. arrival flat (vienna): 35,- plus tax. parking fees excluded.
**) hard drive, memory card or online data delivery not included. adding, removing or switching parts of the production equipment-pack will effect the costs.

we are also offering postproduction, livestreaming, teleprompter, multicam liveproduction, live-editing. find our equipment at equipmentverleih.at.

looking for a webinar- and greenbox-studio in vienna?
visit our brand new fully equiped recording and live-streaming-studio!
located in the 20th district, u4 station friedensbrücke.

Solution for professional Live-Editing (Atem Constellation 8K) with remote controlled cameras (AW-HE 130 by Panasonic)

the liveUsolo+:

this device is able to combine several internet-connections to one very stable connection. you can combine a broadband-, a wifi and up to 4 lte-connection together. if one connection fails, the other will save the day.
we will provide up to 3x lte-contracts for the use in austria.

you can start the stream from your notebook or your smartphone.

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